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EMBA courses at Baltic Management Institute (BMI), Vilnius,
for THM MBA students 

In the context of the cooperation between the THM MBA program and the BMI, Vilnius, as of now, THM MBA students* and alumni can take part in additional modules of the EMBA program at BMI in Vilnius. 


* current MBA students must consult with the MBA office to confirm schedule and curriculum



MBA XIV 06196

After the start of our MBA group XIV in October, the students have already successfully completed their first module “Foundation of Business Administration” through which everyone got a good overview of relevant business processes and basic financial and accounting rules. Special feature of this module was a business simulation game in which the group was divided up into teams to compete against each other in a business simulation. Besides getting to know each other and having a lot of fun, the students also learned how businesses processes basically work – a prerequisite for all later modules.

Currently they are in the middle of their second module “Strategic Management” another important module of the course




Author: Stefano Cevenini (MBA II)

On the 15th of October 2016 at Klassikstadt, Frankfurt Main, the 11th Alumni Day of THM MBA School took place. A great location with the flair of an old, completely renewed factory where we could admire sport cars of the last generation, like Bugatti, Lamborghini, McLaren, Maserati and Ferrari, and wonderful old-timer cars of different epochs. From Mercedes 190 SL through Porsche competition, Alfa Romeo Sprint, Lancia Fulvia, VW T1 Bulli, Citroen 2CV and the legendary VW Beatle. All perfectly restored by experienced car mechanics and upholsterers, whose workshops are located in the Klassikstadt.




This July, 24 EMBA students & alumni as well as Jaunius Pusvaskis, Director General BMI, and Jurga Bendikaitė Ursavas, Director EMBA program BMI, came to Germany for a three-day special module Innovation and Industrie 4.0.

The Baltic Management Institute (BMI) is a new cooperation partner of the THM MBA program.

The special module was a first step of the cooperation between the two programs with more to come (and to be announced soon). THM MBA students & alumni also joined the program and took the opportunity to take part in this extracurricular, value-adding event.

Feierabend Blog

At the THM Business School as in other Business Schools dealing with executive MBA programs, the percentage of female executive MBA students is still below 50%.

Our program aims at pushing this number and addresses females interested in our executive program to apply for the partial scholarship (value € 3.750 €).





Reimers klein

Im Mai dieses Jahres hat Greenpeace mit seiner Veröffentlichung der sog. „TTIP-Leaks“-Dokumente die öffentliche Diskussion zum Thema TTIP neu entfacht. Die Fachzeitschrift „Wirtschaftsdienst“ hat diesen Vorgang deshalb zu ihrem „Thema des Monats“ gemacht und hierzu in ihre Juniausgabe einen Artikel von Prof. Dr. Reimers eingestellt: „Folgt nach „TTIP Leaks“ nun doch „TTIP Light“ ?





Froehlich Charlotte 2014

Last month our long-time coordinator for the foreign exchange module at Pfeiffer University in Charlotte, USA passed away after a long illness.

BMISandtThe THM Business School has been offering and running its Executive MBA program since 2002. Next to the current partners abroad – Pfeiffer University, Charlotte, NC, USA and University of Bergamo, Italy – we are glad to announce a new partnership with the Baltic Management Institute (BMI), Vilnius, Lithuania














AUTHOR: Nicholas Navarro (MBA XII)

Buongiorno tutti!
Bergamo is the second trip during the MBA and also is the last module, so the last chance to meet the friends we made during the MBA, in the learning environment. I personally wondered, what will await me on this trip. After that wonderful and teaching voyage to the US everything else seemed to look pale in comparison. And by the way, Italy, they are our neighbours, what could be so different there?

AUTHOR:  Eike Thomas (MBA XII)

Four things you learn about your MBA-school, while being enrolled.

Actually, I was relatively sure to not take part in this MBA program – my boss did not support me, I had to pay for myself and it pretty much seemed to be all too much... then again, being all too much is kind of what separates this program from a normal master’s degree, doesn't it? So I took part, didn't care what my boss said, paid the money and – boy – am I glad that I did it, but let’s start from the beginning: