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MBA X 2012 - 2014
Process Industries at Rittal GmbH & Co. KG
Director Global Market Solutions 

“While there were several other MBA programs being offered in Germany, I clearly saw the advantages of the MBA program being offered by THM."                                        



"After ten years of utilizing my legal education and degree to work in local sales in China and Global Key Account Management, I felt the need for new job challenges.
I consulted with associates and other executives, and realized there were two options to further my professional competences. One was to take operational responsibility in one of our foreign sales subsidiaries; the other was to obtain an Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Both options would have enabled me to develop a broader understanding of economics.

While there were several other MBA programs being offered in Germany, I clearly saw the advantages of the MBA program being offered by THM. The most prominent was that the study language is English. My everyday working life required a good knowledge of the English language. Other reasons were the study location’s close proximity to my hometown, the small study groups, and the very good price performance ratio. Also, the ability to start with the program immediately after I reached a decision – to pursue a MBA degree – influenced my decision. I greatly appreciate how quickly the THM MBA office processed my application. 
The small study groups, personal contact to lecturers and training days (approx. every two weeks) foster a good learning environment at the THM.
In general, I liked the mix of modules, the good lectures, working in groups and cooperating with my group members. This made the MBA program a really personal experience. The business simulation game at the beginning of the program offered a good start to get to know the other MBA students and polish up the basics of management and economics.
The Master Thesis at the end was one of my preferred modules since I was able to apply the learned knowledge to a relevant business situation. Topic of my thesis: ‘Efficient sales in the Oil & Gas industry.’ In my new role (leading the Global Key Account Management in the vertical market of process industries), the thesis has helped me significantly to tackle the vertical market, especially in the Oil & Gas industry.
The MBA I earned at THM has had a number of other influences on my career. I have obtained a far better understanding and thinking of what is important for an entrepreneur. My global customer approach has changed. The understanding of my customers and their business environment has improved significantly, because I now take a much broader interest in my customers, which leads to a deeper understanding of their needs and our possibilities vice versa. In consequence, my company and our customers will gain more benefits out of my improved customer support.  Last but not least, the MBA program has helped, I am sure, to promote my future career."