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students thomas haase

MBA II 2003-2005
ITW Bailly-Comte
Sales and Engineering Manager

NER Award - Net Economics Report

The NER award is awarded to one or more units that achieve positive Net Economics, once or twice a year at Unit Reviews.

In additon it is awarded to exceptional performance e.g. as a significant customer price increase!

Excerpt from the awarding letter:
"I am pleased to inform you that you along with the Sallisaw Fluid Products
team received an award from the MT Mgt team presented by Simon Kelly this
past week. Simon presented it to us on behalf of the MT Executive Team at
a dinner last Wednesday during our MT Mgt Team meetings in Toronto. From
what I gather, this type of an award is not very common at all.

This award is to recognize the accomplishment of the Fluid Products group for our improvement to our April Net Economics Report (NER) specifically related to our customer price increase negotiations. The $X per pump increase has benefited our business this year by more than $XXXk while simultaneously extended the life of the project from 2007 to 2010. As you were an integral part of those recently finalized negotiations, MT is recognizing you with this award for your efforts."

Thomas Haase, MBA - NER Award winner