mba-classic-stadt-ffm-01.jpgThis year’s alumni meeting took place at the Klassikstadt in Frankfurt. A great venue featuring historic cars and special vendors in a wonderful industrial setting. The topic of this year’s meeting was the future development of the work environment including recruiting and leadership challenges in an increasingly digital and remote work settings.

Nadia Harris, Founder and CEO of lead through the session. Besides presenting state of the art tools to facilitate hybrid work she also talked about the challenges leaders are facing when having to motivate and steer remotely organised teams. Her insight were very valuable since she has been consulting many global companies in their quest to create a more hybrid work environment. The major challenge particularly German companies are facing are the seeming distrust in the own workforce and old reporting structures and systems. Key to good hybrid leadership is good goal setting and the ability to empower the team to fuel their intrinsic motivation.

Following the key note there was a very insightful discussion among participants sharing their own experiences. An important aspect emerging from the discussion were strategies global companies are using to deal with the shortage of skilled workers. According to Nadia Harris many companies are now hiring staff globally and unlike in previous years are allowing them to stay in their home countries or any place they like. It could very well be that a software developer is working for a Silicon Valley Tech Company while living in Germany at the same time. The fact that for many jobs in tech and service industries geographic boundaries have disappeared creates a global employment opportunity for everyone. She urges German companies to acknowledge this development and consider it for their HR strategies.

After a very insightful Workshop and a delicious lunch participants headed to Downtown of Frankfurt were the team of CityGames was waiting for them. We had to solve small challenges or perform funny stunts - great fun for everyone and a nice opportunity to get to know Frankfurt better. All in all a memorable restart after 2 years of Corona break!

We hope to see everyone back for next year!

Jan Freidank

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