Our graduates came from the following academia disciplines: Business Administration, Engineering, IT, Natural and Life Sciences, law, sociology, cultural sciences, Asia- and Oriental studies.

They work in the following companies: Accenture, ac-Tischendorf, Alexander Binzel Schweisstechnik, Bender Group, Brüel & Kjaer Vibro, Continental Teves,  Diehl AirCabin Jurpex, Kettenbach, Körber Automation, Max-Planck-Institut, Netzlaboranten, profitext com, Samson AG, [bu:st] automotive GmbH, ThermCable, THM, UTC Aerospace Systems, Viessmann.

We are proud that the „wild 13“ had a good percentage of women power in class (6 from 21). Also the portion of international students was good. They all work in Germany, but were from Ghana, Sierra Leone, India, Chile and the USA. Professor Freidank mentioned statistics in his speech showing that Germany needs well-educated foreign people – they bring their expertise into the companies and even the USA can’t live without international academia.  

Best of MBA 13 was Mr. Andrej Jautze from Viessmann with a German GPA of 1,1. His wife, pregnant with the 2nd child at home, being right into a house-building project - he is a multi-tasking genius.

Prof. Freidank invited all to join our THM MBA Alumni-Association with the advantage of the Cooperation with the Baltic Management Institute in Vilnius. Word-to mouth and live experience are the best marketing tools and Freidank encouraged family & friends to visit MBA 14 or 15 classes for a trial visit.


Graduation class 2018

Graduation class 2018 group pic