After the start of our MBA group XIV in October, the students have already successfully completed their first module “Foundation of Business Administration” through which everyone got a good overview of relevant business processes and basic financial and accounting rules. Special feature of this module was a business simulation game in which the group was divided up into teams to compete against each other in a business simulation. Besides getting to know each other and having a lot of fun, the students also learned how businesses processes basically work – a prerequisite for all later modules.

Currently they are in the middle of their second module “Strategic Management” another important module of the course. Key goals of this course are to acquire skills to analyze complex markets and to develop success strategies for companies to assure long term success. Special feature of the course is to use methods and tools learned in class in real world contexts.
Since all students have work experience and insights into their businesses, some of their own company experience are used as real life business cases. Again, team work is the key for completing the exercise, which ends with a “mini strategy” for the selected businesses. We strongly believe that this is the best way to learn a complex subject such as strategic management. As an added benefit we also get to know better some of the businesses the students come from – always a very diverse and interesting mix of markets, business models and technologies as well as services.


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After Christmas break the next module “Financial Accounting” will provide deeper insights into the financial and capital flow of a business. We will keep you updated.