Leadership and Communication

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General data:

  • Born in 1973  

Studies and teaching experience

  • Graduation at Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen in 1998, Secondary school teaching accreditation (Lehramt am Gymnasium) for Mathematics and Physical Education
  • 8 years as a high school teacher in Maths and PE

Professional sports career

  • 17 years professional athlete as a Team Handball player in the German Handball Bundesliga HBL as well as the French Ligue National Handball
  • 19 games for the national selection of Germany
  • 1 European Championship 2006 in Switzerland
  • 4 times Handball Bundesliga All-Star team member

Experience in leadership and communication

  • Founder and CEO of Medientraining für Sportler and die In-Szene-Setzer, a consulting agency training sports professionals to cope well in all kinds of media situations
  • Ongoing consultancies for sportsmen, coaches, clubs and many Olympic sports federations
  • Ongoing responsibility in the MBA program “Leadership and Communication”