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About Us

The Program

about usOur MBA (Master of Business Administration) Program offers you a rich set of skills and knowledge in the field of general management, & strategy.

More than 10 relevant Course modules cover relevant fields such as Accounting, Strategic Management, Marketing or Business Development.

Professors with profound business experience enhance your management skills and prepare you for future leadership positions.

The small course size - under 25 students from various business fields and jobs – ensures a learning experience.

You will work together on business projects and case studies from real company environments. The MBA will expose you to new perspectives and expand your horizon.


The University

With around 20.000 students, the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen is the second largest University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Over 80 programs in various fields of engineering and business are offered – all with a strong focus on practical application and scientific excellence. The Campus Friedberg, close to Frankfurt (Main), is only 2 walking min. away from the local train station.

∅ course size

23 students

∅ student age

32 years

∅ work experiance

5 + years

∅ international students

17 students

Location of the MBA Program in Friedberg

Rhein-Main Area close to Frankfurt and Friedberg

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Herr Professor Dr. Chris Howard

| Advanced business development
| and strategy

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Phone: +1 (1)704/9609429

General Data

  • Born in 1973   
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Organizational Leadership from Regent University in Virginia Beach (2008) with Dr. Paul Carr (Chair) – Topic of Dissertation: “Transference of Self-Efficacy Beliefs From Leaders to Followers and Its Link to Perceptions of Leaders Being Transformational.”
  • Three years of experience as the Program Director for the BS Business Management and Leadership Program
  • Starting in August 2010 as professor of Business Administration at Pfeiffer University
  • Four years of professional experience with US Army Europe as a civilian contractor in leadership and community development, stationed at USAG Hohenfels in Bayern, Germany.
  • Board Director of the Art Factory in Kandern, Germany
  • Ongoing professional and graduate workshop facilitator in cross-cultural competencies, international business, and global strategy.
  • Eight years of professional experience at director level at three different organizations with increasing scope of responsibility and leadership.



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